Bail Bonds Glendale

Bail Bonds Glendale

After you’ve made a mistake or something unfortunate has happened, our entire network of Glendale bail bond agents is here to get you back on track.  We will direct you to on of our bail bond agencies.  The agencies will use surety bonds to have you released from jail custody in a matter of hours, depending on charges and circumstances. They will then continue to help by making sure you attend all court proceedings. If this is your first arrest, don’t hesitate to call!

Bail Bonds Glendale is a network of bail bondsmen that has been proudly serving the Glendale area for many years. Our agents know the most efficient and fair way to make all parties happy. We are here for you in your time of need. These bail bondsmen work alongside lawyers, judges and magistrates. Bail bonds agencies play an integral role in the accused’s due process.  We only refer our clients to the most professional, licensed bail bonds agencies available.

After an arrest, there is only a short period in which you will be in custody of the jail and it is the jobs of our bail bondsmen located throughout Glendale to keep you out of custody. Our bail bonds agents are located throughout Glendale and are happy to serve you in a time of need. We go above and beyond our duties to make sure the accused follows the conditions of their bail and will show at all court proceedings. Throughout our years, we have gained valuable experience and established lasting relationships with lawyers, judges and bailiffs throughout Brooklyn.

About Us

Glendale Bail Bonds’ network of bondsmen has over 20 years of experience. We always aim to be honest, reliable and professional. We will make sure you always have your bond posted in the correct fashion so that you will not be returned to custody. Our experience is extremely valuable in insuring the procedure is done correctly and quickly. Give us a call once you know that your friend or loved one is incarcerated.


Glendale Bail Bonds is able to provide services that will help your friend or loved one fight their case from out of jail. Our clients use Glendale Bail Bonds to avoid being put in custody prematurely.  Once the judge has set bail, we help you work with surety bonds. Surety bonds are a guarantee that you will be released, follow all bail conditions, and show to court proceedings.

You may have to pay a premium to secure the bond. A premium is just a percentage of the total bond that is owed to be released. This number varies depending on the charges and circumstances of the arrest.

We also will make sure the incarcerated reports to the bail bonds agent regularly. Like a probation officer, you may be required to report to a bail bondsman as a condition set on the bail. In the unlikely event you don’t follow your bail conditions, go to court proceedings, or you should flee the jurisdiction, a bounty hunter has the right to track you down and bring you back to the court jurisdiction. You will be placed in jail custody without bail.