Bail Bonds Los Angeles Services

Bail bonds in Los Angeles can be a tricky thing to navigate.  Here at LA Bail Bonds we provide help in procuring bail bonds in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas.  We are one of the leading Bail Bonds agencies in Los Angeles. Los Angeles Bail Bonds Network’s services enable our clients to get in touch with the proper bail bonds agency and bail bondsmen.  From there, the bail bondsmen will do everything they can to ensure you are released from custody and on your way back to some sort of normalcy. Let us help you during this time.

The bail bond agencies role is simple: you pay the premium of the bail, which means you just have to pay a fraction of the bail. For example, if the bail the judge sets is$10,000.00 and the premium of the bail is 10%, you pay $1,000.00. If you can’t afford it, you can use collateral or get help from someone close to you. The bail bondsmen will help facilitate the finding of collateral. The provider of the collateral will be known as the indemnitor. Once the clerk is paid with collateral, you are released from jail custody. Yours and your indemnitor’s collateral is safe and secure, so long as you do not flee or neglect bail conditions. The bail bond agency will insure the court you will do neither.

Los Angeles Bail Bonds Network may even be able to help find you collateral if you cannot afford the bond.  Collateral can be defined as cash, credit, or real property.  This may be used to help pay your bond and get released from custody.  Collateral is used to ensure you pay back a loan that may be given to help pay the premium of the bond.  Los Angeles Bail Bonds Network is proud to assist in the bail process and aid our clients through this stressful time.