Bail Bondsman Los Angeles FAQ

Bail Bondsman Los Angeles FAQ

What is a bail bond and how much does it cost?

A bail bond is a document, which guarantees release from jail custody, as well as guarantees the court you will follow all bail conditions and attend all court proceedings.

A bail bond costs its premium, which is a fraction (usually between 10-20%) of the bail. So if the judge or magistrate sets bail at 10,000.00 and the premium is 10%, you must pay the bail bond of 1000.00 for release from jail custody.

What if I can’t afford the bail bondsman Los Angeles?

If you cannot afford the bail bond or premium of the bail, often you and someone close to you co-sign on the bail bond. He or she is known as the indemnitor. The indemnitor and you can use collateral, such as real property or credit, and of course cash.

What is a cash bond?

A cash bond in Los Angeles is when you pay the sum total of the bail with cash. The money returns to you upon court conclusion.

How does the judge or magistrate determine bail?

The judge or magistrate deliberates on several factors: character, history, nature of charges, flight-risk.

What is the bail bond process in Los Angeles?

In the unfortunate event you are arrested, judge will set a bail. Bail Bonds in Los Angeles will act as surety and insure with a bail bondsman Los Angeles. You and your indemnitor—if you need him or her—will pay the premium or the fraction of the bail. Or, you will use collateral to pay the bail bond. You are released from jail custody, and follow all bail conditions. If you do not follow bail conditions, or if you decide to flee the jurisdiction of arrest and court, you are considered a fugitive. A bounty hunter is sent to retrieve you. And you are held in jail without bail.

What are bail conditions in Los Angeles?

The judge or magistrate will stipulate certain conditions the accused must abide by. Number one is to show at all court proceedings. Other conditions may be continued employment and regular check-ins with your bail bonds agent in Los Angeles.

Who is the indemnitor?

He or she can be anyone, but is usually someone who is close to the accused. He or she indemnifies the bail bond in Los Angeles.