Pasadena Bail Bonds

Pasadena Bail Bonds

Pasadena Bail Bonds is proud to serve the greater Pasadena area with all the bail bonds services necessary to help our clients post bail and defend their case vigorously. We have many years of experience in helping our clients find the right bail bonds agent and ensuring the bond is posted appropriately. When it comes to finding the right bail there are many options. Don’t let who you choose as your bail bonds agent be another mistake you make.


There is a short period of time in which you, your friend or loved one may be kept in jail after an unfortunate accident or a dumb mistake. It is the bail bondsmen job to keep you out of custody longer than you should be. Our bail bonds agents are located throughout Pasadena and will be with you every step of the way through this stressful and often frustrating process. We make sure to go above and beyond a simple posting of bond to make sure that you comply with all bail conditions and court proceedings. Throughout our years, we have gained valuable experience and established lasting relationships with lawyers, judges and bailiffs throughout Pasadena.


Pasadena Bail Bonds will use surety bonds and collateral to ensure that you, your friend or loved one is released from jail and provided the constitutional due process rights afforded to all Americans. Once the judge has set bail, we help you work with surety bonds. Surety bonds are a guarantee that you will be released, follow all bail conditions, and show to court proceedings.

You may be required to pay a premium to secure your bond.  The premium is just a percentage of the total bond that is owed to be released. This number varies depending on the charges and circumstances of the arrest. The bail bondsmen might even be able to help you secure collateral, another way to post bail. The provider of the collateral will be known as the indemnitor. Once the court is paid with collateral, you are released from jail custody. Yours and your indemnitor’s collateral is safe and secure, so long as you do not flee or neglect bail conditions. The bail bond agency will insure the court you will do neither.

Another part of our services at Pasadena Bail Bonds may be to make sure you report to your bail bonds agent regularly. Like a probation officer, you may be required to report to a bail bondsman as a condition set on the bail. In the unlikely event you don’t follow your bail conditions, go to court proceedings, or you should flee the jurisdiction, a bounty hunter has the right to track you down and bring you back to the court jurisdiction. You will be placed in jail custody without bail.